The Emoji Movie

We’ll always have Paris, Mary.

I honestly do not have a bad thing to say about this film.

I hadn’t heard anything about the reception of ‘The Emoji Movie’ until five minutes before I walked into the cinema this afternoon when I heard someone describe it as “a train wreck” but I genuinely have no idea what they were talking about, the storyline was flawless – I think.

The story mostly takes place inside a young boy’s iPhone. Every time he inserts an emoji into a text message, the selected emoji living inside his phone must be scanned, the scanned image is the emoji that appears in the text. This means that if the emoji does not pose correctly when they are scanned, the wrong emoji will appear and the user will not be happy – which is exactly what happens to Gene on his first day officially working at the text centre.

Main character, Gene Meh – as in the “meh” face emoji – is a loveable and fun guy, even though he is supposed to be “meh.” He has always dreamed of woking at the text centre so when he scans incorrectly he wishes for nothing more than to be a real “meh” – like he is ‘supposed to be.’ It is obvious that identity is the main theme of this film, alongside friendship and the acceptance of individuality.

When Gene messes up his first day on the job and scans incorrectly he is soon referred to as “a malfunction” and is sentenced to be deleted forever. Luckily he escapes from the evil bot characters who are trying to delete him and finds Hi-5, a once loved and popular emoji who no longer gets used. Hi-5 informs Gene that if they work together to find a hacker, they can reprogramme Gene to become a real “meh” and programme Hi-5 to appear back on the popular list of emojis. A hacker named Jailbreak ( aka Linda) agrees to help them as she has never seen an Emoji capable of showing multiple expressions like Gene before.

The story follows Gene, Hi-5 and Jailbreak as they travel through different apps on the phone trying to reach The Cloud where Jailbreak believes Gene can be ‘fixed.’ They are up against the clock as with each new obstacle their actions make the user believe that his phone is faulty and makes an appointment to get his phone completely restored – meaning that Gene’s world will be completely destroyed.

Two of the strangest and funniest characters were Mel and Mary Meh, Gene’s parents. Unlike Gene, they were successful at maintaining their “meh” persona which made their scenes very comical, especially when they were searching for their lost, endangered son. We only found out half way through that Mrs.Meh’s name was Mary which made me love her even more.

I was happy with the ending of this film and genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. Months ago, when I first saw the advertisements for The Emoji Movie I thought, that is ridiculous, who would pay to see that? But I have no regrets. 10/10 would recommend.

I am looking at emojis differently now and it’s weird.

Ps: There was a definite lack of tortoise and squirrel emojis. :/





Photo taken by Mary Boag, Lucy available on Netflix


“We humans are more concerned with having than being.”

If you appreciate Scarlett Johansson even slightly as much as I do then you will love this film. Lucy was released in 2014 and is regrettably one of those films that I never bothered to watch until now; despite being told many good things about it since it’s release.

The film follows the journey of the main character Lucy, who is forced into carrying a bag of ‘CPH4’ drugs inside her stomach as part of an illegal drug experiment led by the villain of the story, Mr.Jang. Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman who plays a professor educates us that humans only use 10% of their brain. We then find out that the drugs in Lucy’s body are helping her access more parts of her brain. We see changes in her abilities as she accesses 20%, then 40% and so on.. When she meets with Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) we realise she will no longer be able to exist as a human once she reaches 100%.

The film is described as an action, sci-fi thriller, which it definitely is. It only takes a couple of minutes for the story to suddenly get dramatic and exciting, which pretty much lasts throughout the entire film.

Lucy is such an empowering character. She is so cool – to put it simply. Scarlett Johansson does an amazing job of playing such a fierce and powerful woman, even though she is only capable of acting like this because of the drugs it is still fascinating to watch.

I’ve seen many reviews harshly hating on ‘Lucy‘ because it has been proven that humans actually can and do access more than 10% of their brain, but I think this argument to rate the film poorly is so silly. Since when do films like this need to be realistic to be enjoyable? Transformers, the Avengers and basically all superhero films are unrealistic but they’re still worth watching.

There wasn’t much about the film that I didn’t like, although it can be very graphic and violent in some scenes which I should warn you about.

One of my favourite scenes is very near the end: we see Lucy sitting in the middle of Times Square, New York and then watch as she travels back in time sitting in the same spot, we see the transformation of New York city from where it all began as she travels from current day all the way back to the age of the dinosaurs..But is she really time traveling? Or is she living through the memories of all the data she has consumed?.. I urge you to watch it and see what you think, as I’d say this part of the film alone is worth a watch – it’s that good.

Thanks for reading! You can watch the trailer for Lucy here, and remember it is available on Netflix and DVD.