Everything, Everything

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Everything, Everything is the story of a young girl named Maddy who has not left her house in nearly 18 years due to a very serious and rare illness. Basically, her immune system is nearly non-existent and if she catches even a slight cold in the world outside of her perfectly clean house then she may die from it. 

Maddy is played by Amandla Stenberg who you may recognise as Rue from The Hunger Games. She seems so sweet and loveable it is clear that she has a lovely personality on and off-screen. I really loved her character and I hope to see Stenberg playing lead roles in films much more often as she definitely has the potential to become a much-loved household name.

Nick Robinson plays the lead male character, Olly, who moves in next door to Maddy. His character is equally as loveable which makes Everything, Everything very fun and exciting to watch.

Soon after Olly moves in, Maddy finally comes out of her house, to see how sick she really is – if at all. The pair take a spontaneous and possibly very dangerous trip to Hawaii where their relationship blossoms as they finally get to spend time together without being separated by windows and walls.

I didn’t cry but this film was pretty emotional and very well-acted throughout and I’d definitely reccomend it to anyone with a heart. And the soundtrack was GREAT. I recognised nearly every song from one of my Spotify playlists, it was great.